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“Warning: I’ll write the clinical jargon and technical B.S. from your web marketing messages, so you can convert more leads to save more lives.”

Addiction Recovery Marketing Services For 

Substance Abuse Inpatient and Outpatient Service Providers 
LMHC’s, Psychologists, and Clinicians
Recovery, Life, Wellness, & Business Coaches
Sober Living Homes
Addiction Recovery Start-ups and Blogs
SaaS for Addiction Recovery, Health, and Wellness

Since 2016, I’ve helped addiction programs and services (like you) find their voice, build and measure their content and social media marketing. By speaking the language of your readers and finding the voice of your brand you can build strong meaningful connections with the populations you desire to serve.

Johny is astute and innovative. His dual knowledge of the industry and content marketing has put The lighthouse on page one of Google’s 1st page for several of our keywords. He always takes the extra step when developing and delivering top-rate content.

Trey Laird

CEO and Founder, The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365

What I Do To Help Your Addiction Recovery Marketing

As an addiction recovery, freelance writer here are the 3 steps you and I will follow to creating more meaningful connections and website conversions.

Magnifying glass searching to find data for successful addiction marketing

Understand your addiction services

I’ll meet with you and dive deep into:
Why you do what you do. What makes you different from your competition. Who your customers are, and the best way to start conversations with them to build trust and rapport.

Knowing your WHY is an arrow hitting the target for defining your addiction recovery marketing brand

Establish a connection to your brand

Your brand isn’t just a logo, fonts, and colors of your website. Your brand is your WHY wake up each day, who your target audience is, and what you know you can do to help them from struggling in the throes of addiction.

Your addiction recovery marketing brand is in blue surrounded by your target audience

Get results with meaningful content

You need to create a laser-focused website which creates rapport, establishes connections, and converts (saves lives).  Knowing your brand WHY and your target audience will help me, use conversational copywriting to create meaningful connections.

Why your addiction marketing benefits from a conversational copywriter

A conversational copywriter uses friendly, natural language progression and storytelling to meet your reader wherever they are at, and within their readiness to change.

• Creates compelling marketing messages which add quality to the conversations already happening online.
• Injects storytelling, case studies, and imagery to establish rapport
• Marketing speaks to the reader, not at them – No shouting or grandstanding.
• Language is natural, persuasive, and friendly – No hype or intellectualized jargon
• Not manipulative, unethical, nor does it bully
• Transparent

As a conversational copywriter and marketer, my goal is to reduce your marketing messages into the most down-to-earth language possible.

To create your brand’s substance abuse marketing messages free from – nonsensical BS,
cryptic marketing jargon,
and over-the-top hype. 

The conversational copywriting movement is about staying true to the World Wide Web’s mission and purpose –
Starting Conversations That Matter. 

Your addiction marketing messages need to

  • Nurture prospects into long-lasting relationships
  • Resonate with your targeted reader’s hopes, desires, and dreams
  • Show your reader how to know, like, and trust your brand.

How I Create Meaningful Connections With Your Digital Content

Image os a lightbulb to depict Research and Strategy for addiction marketing

Research & Strategy

All copywriting must begin with research and strategy. You have to know what you are marketing, who you are marketing too, and the keywords to drive your content to Page One for organic search engine results.

Data will serve as our starting point to define your brand’s strategy, content marketing goals, and continuous brand growth.

Image of pen depicting the planning and execution of content for addiction marketing

Schedule and Execution

I don’t create content on a whim. All great ideas are planned and scheduled, researched, and designed to align with content marketing goals.

As your website grows it is vital to keep on track, so you can harvest the fruits of an engaged audience, brand authority, and influence.

Image of a chart  showing  growth through tracking and analysis of data for addiction marketing content

Analyze and Repurpose

If contracted to manage content marketing for your brand I will continually track and analyze what is working and what is falling short.

With the use of real-time analytics tools, I will be able to repurpose and refine content, so it is constantly adding to the growth of your addiction brand’s reach, engagement, and authority.

Conversational Copywriting and Addiction Recovery Marketing Services

Web-Copy and Design

Ebooks & Guides

Social Media Marketing


Lead Generation

Addiction Recovery Marketing

Be heard ethically in a noisy market.  I’ll help you create your USP to gently empower your readers to engage with your Substance Abuse Program. Build your community ethically without fear. Let’s work together to help spread your addiction recovery marketing messages.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

It’s easy to get caught up in daily tasks, but it’s dangerous. When writing projects and campaigns never leave the great idea stage you are leaving money on the table. Letting your content marketing become stale and old isn’t a choice. Take a step in the right direction with confidence. Choose me to efficiently get the project done and on time.

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