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Do you lie awake at night overwhelmed with worry about?

  • The amount of CONTENT needed to engage your readers?
  • The time you need to CREATE the next series of relevant blog posts?
  • Topics and Analytics, CONVERSION & SEO, SEM, ROI, Headlines, and Clicks?
  • You have big ideas but don’t know how to CONVEY them to your audience…

Stop, take a breath or two, and relax, you have found the answer to sleepless nights. I understand how you feel and enjoy knowing that I can help resolve your frustration. I will help you gather the words you need to help your customers, build your brand, and establish you as a thought leader.

Hello, Johnny here.  I live and work in NYC as a freelance digital marketing SEO content writer and copywriter.

joh nmakohen/coffee
John Makohen Freelance content copywriter and avid coffee drinker.

My purpose is to assist you in providing your customers (B2B and B2C), with quality captivating content. Your digital marketing will be highly adaptable and flow with functional and informative content.

I understand that your digital marketing requires many different layers of the written word to better serve, build rapport, and establish yourself as an industry professional leader.

Understanding that your business and brand requires content that goes above and beyond, in order to better serve the community you are creating to help with your quality coaching, informative products, or B2B  SEO content writer marketing and managed services and products.

Together we can discuss your needs and then I can create consistent well-versed informative blog posts, landing pages that will convert, Hallmark-type case studies, email’s and newsletters that your list will look forward to opening, and many other services so you can spend time

  • starting new projects or services for your customers and community,
  • creating a mastermind group so customers will achieve maximum potential
  • engaging existing customers with more well thought out plan
  • or, too,  just relax and enjoy the benefits of being a solopreneaur

because you have outsourced your content and copywriting. The services provided will eradicate stress and pain. Then you can focus on why you started your business to work with and satisfy your clients.



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