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Hands down for a great Email List

Don’t waste the time to build an email list and then treat it poorly without respect, care, or concern.

Build your email list reputation by providing valuable, useable, readable content.

It is important to build a mindset of building a positive email list reputation among your subscribers. So, you have done all this hard work building your email list. It starts out slow but you get there. Your list isn’t huge like Tony Robbins’ but give it time, take it slow, treat it nice and it will grow.

So, you have done all this hard work building your email list. It starts out slow but you get there. Your list isn’t huge like Tony Robbins’ but give it time, take it slow, treat it nice and it will grow.

Or abuse it and it grows into your reader’s spam folder, so it will not serve the purpose. Remember the purpose is to build trust and community. The knowledge you provide turns into budding readership. Without a doubt when you finally send your readers a product to buy there is trust that the product provided will be valuable and purposeful.

How do you do this? Every time you make contact with your email list you must offer something that just makes them appreciate the reason why they gave you their most personal email address.

You need to make your email list never doubt your reputation and look forward to opening your email. Hell, not just look forward to opening your email but to get damned excited about clicking that button. Once you have your list engaged about the advice that pours out of your email marketing they will not have a second thought about trusting you and opening your email.

The problem is you must be sincere. If you are sincere with your list sharing helpful hints and hacks is your purpose. If your purpose is genuine then you won’t rush marketing your email list. You will honor your subscribers by being transparent and purposeful, generous and understanding to the problems your readers face.

Positive reputation gets your email opened. Negative reputation gets you sent to trash which causes Google to think your SPAM! Building an email list takes time. Your goal is to build a list that is confident that your efforts are genuine, kind-hearted, and true.

Deep down readers know the real reason you have started an email list. Subscribers will question your tactics and reasons because they have been burned by so many other list owners. Don’t let their fears about joining your community come true. Take time, build a sense of community, provide purpose and help, give more than taking, and remember the real reasons you write to your email list.

Here are 5 quick ideas to help build a positive email-list reputation.

1.      Build a sense of community early on. Make sure your list Really Likes You! You must do this by providing valuable content in your email, on your blog, web page, webinar or in whatever medium offered in which they opted to join your email list. Your written word needs to be human, unique, and without a doubt honest!

2.      Value delivered in every piece of content“Data! Data! Data!” Sherlock Holmes cries-out impatiently,” I can’t make bricks without clay!”  Just as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writes about Mr. Holmes the email you send to your email list has to have useful knowledge that will solve problems for your readers. When your emails are filled with great value, your list will look forward to opening your email each time it is received not only will it be opened it will be shared with their friends or email list-Now this is value.

3.      Don’t send email for the sake of sending an email to your list. Take time constructing valuable relevant emails. If you are considering sending an email to your list off the cuff be sure it is for a reason or it has relevant information that cannot wait. Your email should simply offer information that is of excellent value to your reader. If you want to build a positive reputation you must send an email that keeps your reader interested.

4.      You must remember what you offered to get the subscription to your email list.Sometimes it is easy to forget what you told your readers in all of your lead generation or opt-in tools. I am certain I can write this because I am sure you didn’t have an opt-in that read-Hey do you want an email from me every day promoting myself and asking you to buy my shit? If so give me your personal information now! Of course, you didn’t type that, so why do it. If your emails are direct mail or junk mail be sure that is what you told your list you would send or your subscriber will tell herself that she was right when she doubted joining your list. The problem is that most people don’t opt-out. They just send you to a SPAM Folder. If you broke your agreement and just sent direct mail piece after direct mail piece without providing any value or problem-solving you are on your way to defeat.

5.      Lastly, just because you build this list it doesn’t mean that it is yours’s to monetize every chance you get. Remember people subscribed because you solved their problems, you offered entertainment, you made them feel good. Once you start asking for money people start to doubt your integrity so be sure that you have built your reputation and you are standing on solid ground before you ask your subscribers to help make you rich.

Email reputation in social media

live up to a positive reputation in your social media circles by offering value first!

Wrapping it Up

If you want your email marketing to be successful you had better take the time and write compelling emails that build rapport by offering value and interest to your reader. Build the community and then the community will trust your information and your products. This doesn’t happen overnight or over a week of emails. Too many people are following this template! An email course that sends out 7 consecutive emails and then emails Eight thru Ninety-nine are BUY from me now, look what I did for you. PLEASE, Rethink this approach.

Offering An email course that provides 7 consecutive emails of valuable contents is on the right track. Don’t ruin your email list reputation by sending emails 8-99 begging your list to  BUY from you. This look what I did for you mentality doesn’t cut it.

PLEASE, Rethink this approach.

This article first appeared on Linked In.