Addiction Recovery Content Marketing

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Addiction Recovery Content Marketing
Drug Rehabs, Recovery Coaches, Recovery Tech, And Other Service Providers. 

When you sit down for an individual brief or a recovery coaching meeting with your client, do you use nonsensical clinical jargon-laden speech?

I sure as hell, hope not!

If you did, you’d be talking to an empty chair.

Then why do you feel the need to use clinical jargon and technical B.S. on your website?

Is your content marketing falling short, missing the mark, or not starting conversations with your audience? 

What did Johann Hari teach us in his book, Chasing the Scream: The Opposite of Addiction is Connection?

It’s in the title:

“The opposite of addiction is connection.”

And how do you build connections with your friends, family, colleagues, or a stranger sitting in a café?

You start a friendly conversation.

If you are ready to let your addiction recovery content marketing generate more leads, build trust and rapport, and start the hard conversations that matter you need to

I’m Johnny, a NYC-based addiction recovery content writer, and conversational copywriter.

I’ll write the clinical jargon and technical B.S out of your recovery message, so you can meet your readers where they at in their readiness to change.

I also have some letters after my name CASAC II, PRC, TOT, and a Peer Advocate.

I advocate for Ending Stigma, Harm Reduction, and Medicated-Assisted Recovery.  One more thing – I Recover Out Loud!

I’ve put some time into my training as a homeless street junky, clinician, professional recovery coach, and peer advocate.

I’ve also put some time into learning the digital marketing landscape, web design, copywriting, and how to tell your brand’s unique story.

I will help you get the most from your content marketing dollars.

Addiction Recovery Content Marketing


A man writes out the components of an addiction recovery content marketing services.

Content Marketing Strategy

The best way to start this process is by a clearly defined goal. Let’s have a conversation and develop a content marketing strategy that resonates with the desired outcome of your digital content marketing goals.

John makohen Substance Abuse content marketing web autits

Website Copy & Content; Web-Audits

It’s important to give your digital user unique feeling and experience while in your digital home. The times of building a Substance Abuse Treatment website from a template no longer suffice. Get in touch and let’s make your website become the digital extension of your facility.


John Makohen Abuse content marketing PPC

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook ads and banners are the ways you can get your SA Treatment center in front of your target audience. When the process is aligned properly with the content and copy your message will be seen, beds will be filled, so you can save more lives.
John Makohen Substance Abuse content marketing blog posts

Blog Posts & Articles

Your treatment programs blog is an important tool for building authority and rapport with your readers.  Consistency in structure and publishing engages your readers to warm up to your philosophy and mission. Ranking on the first page of Google is your aim for your website. A blog helps in the realization of this goal.
John Makohen Abuse content marketing social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to build leverage for your substance abuse programs content marketing and your tribe of advocates, and authority as an industry leader. Your presence on social media platforms allows you to build rapport, answer delicate questions about substance abuse disorders and treatment processes

John Makohen Abuse content marketing landing pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of your digital marketing plan. Synchronizing landing pages with paid advertisements, blog or guest posts, and email marketing the user experience is aligned with your SA treatment centers message. In turn, this process gently nudges the reader to your unique call-to-action (CTA).

John makohen Substance Abuse content marketing email marketing

Email Marketing

Keeping alumni, blog ambassadors, family and friends informed of your substance program’s events, new treatment modalities, milestones, and new blog posts is effective and efficient. Building your list of email subscribers warms readers to your message and keeps your substance abuse treatment program fresh in their minds.
Your addiction recovery case study will higlight this mans journey as he reaches the top of the peak during his journey for recovery.

Case Studies

There is no better way to tell your company’s story than using compelling case studies. Case studies highlight the user’s experience with your addiction treatment programs product or service. Highlight experience with detailed storytelling defining the hero’s journey and how your service helped another overcome adversity and change.

Image of a addiction recovery Newsletter on an IPAD screen


In-house or outbound newsletters keep your company fresh on person minds. When your addiction recovery newsletter is published consistently valuable information is presented professionally,  to build rapport with your team, prospects, referral network, and advocates of your brand. Transparency in email newsletters educates about new policy or services, introducing new talent and fresh ideas to those interested, and illustrates company wins and loses. Email marketing continues to lead as the most impactful source of digital marketing year in and out.

A man clicks on and icon to open John Makohen Addiction addiction recovery landing page about landing page content marketing.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are vital to your addiction recovery services marketing.  Studies have show that 50% of your web traffic is not your ideal customer and most likely will never buy. Addiction recovery landing pages deliver stand-alone content pertaining to a specific product or service. Landing pages strip away all the unnecessary content and speak directly to a specific, problem, need, or desire your readers face.

A man writes in his journal SEO and draws arrows pertaining to how more SEO Pages will help his site optimization.

SEO Content Pages

SEO Pages are pages dedicated to specific products or services your treatment program or SaaS service provides for treatment providers. Each SEO page stands alone because it only illustrates the specificity of a service or product.

John Makohen addiction recovery content marketing Lead generation

Lead Generation

Building your email list is how your company is able to deliver its message to those who resonate with your company’s philosophy.  Your lead generation needs to provide value. Content upgrades, infographics, white papers, Pdf’s of articles or blog posts are ways fo providing value to your reader in exchange for their trusted email address. A great rule to follow is to be certain that your free lead generation material is equal to if not greater in value and purpose than the products you sell.

Generate marketing leads with long-form copy, ebooks and guides to build your list and grow your team.

Long-Form Copy, Ebooks, and Guides

Let’s face it great copy is what sells your product. It’s important to understand your buyer, so that you can speak honestly about their needs and desires. Writing longer copy keeps your readers coming back to your page for information and education. You understand your business and services better than anyone but do you have the time to create an ebook or long-form piece of content to position yourself or addiction drug treatment program with authority? I will assume that you are already overworked, but you understand the value your readers will receive from an ebook or guide. Build trust and generate leads with long-form content, ebooks, and how-to guides.

A man stands behind a clear screen watching an arrow increase becuase his addiction recovery SaaS whitepaper is providing value and generating leads and  prospects.


Proper placement of Whitepapers inside your addiction recovery marketing strategy instructs and informs the consumer about your product, your brand and how you can step up to meet needs and challenges. When adequately crafted a white paper will lead your prospect through the funnel with sound advice illustrating your brand’s empathy and understanding.

Image of a man looking over his addiction marketing content marketing strategy on a laptop.

Content Marketing Strategy

Addiction recovery Content marketing isn’t just publishing consistent content.  Content marketing for your drug rehab is vital so you can gently nudge your reader from curiously browsing to wanting to change. Your content marketing strategy outlines the pieces of content needed for each stage of your buyer’s journey. When working with a dedicated strategy for your content marketing you won’t have to guess if your content is working.