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I write the stigma out of substance abuse marketing.

Substance Abuse Content Marketing

Do you worry that your substance abuse program’s content marketing is falling short-missing the mark- or not starting enough conversations with your audience? 

Is your content’s  message is out-of-date, written in large blocks of small text?

Written by a writer who didn’t empathize with the stigma you associate with marketing substance abuse treatment.


A  content writer that works in the field understands the delicate nature and stigma associated with marketing for substance abuse treatment programs.

I am that writer. I understand treatment and want to help you help those suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Substance abuse program content marketing is a sensitive subject. It’s tough, but you have to come to terms with marketing. How else are you going to get people into treatment?

You know as well as I do that we cannot force people to change. Therefore you are not spending time marketing at shooting galleries, nightclubs, or raves. Dragging persons with a substance abuse disorders into treatment. It wouldn’t work anyway. There is an easier way to market your program, build relationships with your audience, and convey your unique message and treatment philosophy. It’s simple. Content marketing is the answer to your worry. Once you decide to give freely of your time compassionately through content marketing you will establish long-lasting relationships by connecting to your community.

21 billion persons are suffering directly or indirectly from a substance abuse disorder, in the United States, today. The majority of these people will turn to Google to find answers to painful questions concerning addiction. Your Substance Abuse Program can be ready, willing, and able to help alleviate some of this suffering by having a strong but ethical presence on the internet. The answer then is to consistently publish quality content that provides answers, solutions and gently persuades the reader to take that first step.

When you enlist a content marketing strategy to deliver your substance abuse program’s unique message and have conversations that provide quality service to your readers your program will rise above the busy platform that has become the internet.

There are 14k treatment facilities in the US alone, your treatment program’s marketing needs to build rapport and empathize with those suffering from this disease. Addiction treatment is surrounded by stigma

Together we can get your message heard by those in need. Let’s develop a content marketing strategy and rise above the noise, engage your readers and the community you proudly serve.


Substance Abuse Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

The best way to start this process is by a clearly defined goal. Let’s have a conversation and develop a content marketing strategy that resonates with the desired outcome of your digital content marketing goals
John makohen Substance Abuse content marketing web autits

Website Copy & Content; Web-Audits

It’s important to give your digital user unique feeling and experience while in your digital home. The times of building a Substance Abuse Treatment website from a template no longer suffice. Get in touch and let’s make your website become the digital extension of your facility.


John Makohen Abuse content marketing PPC

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook ads and banners are the ways you can get your SA Treatment center in front of your target audience. When the process is aligned properly with the content and copy your message will be seen, beds will be filled, so you can save more lives.
John Makohen Substance Abuse content marketing blog posts

Blog Posts & Articles

Your treatment programs blog is an important tool for building authority and rapport with your readers.  Consistency in structure and publishing engages your readers to warm up to your philosophy and mission. Ranking on the first page of Google is your aim for your website. A blog helps in the realization of this goal.
John Makohen Abuse content marketing social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to build leverage for your substance abuse programs content marketing and your tribe of advocates, and authority as an industry leader. Your presence on social media platforms allows you to build rapport, answer delicate questions about substance abuse disorders and treatment processes
John Makohen Abuse content marketing landing pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of your digital marketing plan. Synchronizing landing pages with paid advertisements, blog or guest posts, and email marketing the user experience is aligned with your SA treatment centers message. In turn, this process gently nudges the reader to your unique call-to-action (CTA).
John makohen Substance Abuse content marketing email marketing

Email Marketing

Keeping alumni, blog ambassadors, family and friends informed of your substance program’s events, new treatment modalities, milestones, and new blog posts is effective and efficient. Building your list of email subscribers warms readers to your message and keeps your substance abuse treatment program fresh in their minds.

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