Services Offered to Provide you with Content and Copy

Blogging and Ghost Blogging services for your B2B B2C business because you seriously want to build rapport with your customers and provide them the quality product and community they deserve.

Wait? Do you know why you are here? Let’s cut to the chase … You need great content and I want to provide you with my services and the best experience you have ever had while pursuing that goal to find great content and ad copy for your blog or website so let’s just get to the point. CLICK HERE and we can figure this out quickly…

or you can decide to make your customers wait for engagement, purpose or a reason to choose you over your competition. You know great content converts.

You read blogs about how to GROW your business. You know great content converts. But you worry about if you can produce the content your community needs. This is a valid worry, but it should not be a worry at all. Your daily concerns should be about building great products for your customer, professionally serving your customers and clients with quality care and concern, and of course…Going to the BANK!

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No Worries

Why did you start a business in the first place? Take a moment and think about it… Can I safely say to stop being controlled by a boss, to make what you are worth and to provide security and safety your family needs to live happily without worry? In short, to make money!

Seriously, it is what you want your business to do. Make Money! But how do you engage your customers, so they feel understood and respected…so they trust your decisions and products…so they have no more worry about you and your business…so their only concern is where to find the click to buy, button.

My services will get you closer to your goal of converting readers into customers.

So where do you have to start to initiate this great plan?  Remember the blog you read this morning instructed you to write great content to satisfy and build rapport with your clients and working community.   You think how do I write a post that will speak to my customer’s heart?

Worry sets in. A pang in your stomach. Argh!

You think about the last product review you tried to write and that was a disaster that lasted three days and it was never published because you knew it was straight up BS.

Or you have tried to write blog posts and frankly, they suck. You just don’t have time because your customers need you to help them fix their problems or fears. Your time is not being utilized efficiently trying to learn the art of content writing, content marketing and copywriting.

Blog writing might not be your strong suit, and it could stress you out. Let me relieve that stress. That is why you are here?  To end your worry and hire me to provide you with the content writing solution your business so desperately needs.

First I would like to say is that you shouldn’t be worrying at all. If you have to worry, worry about building great products and how to better serve your customers and leave all of your content worries to me and the services I will provide. (*Secret: I don’t worry! I perform and create great copy that will convert because I understand marketing and how to use words that drive positive long-lasting results for you and your customers.)

Don’t waste any more time trying to decide if you need to outsource your copywriting and content marketing. Contact me now!

So we can begin to talk about your content or blog post ideas and then we can GROW from there.

The content whether it be in the form of a blog or website, landing page, newsletter or email ad copy will always:

  • Well RESEARCHED to pinpoint great topics and understanding
  • have DATA supported via screenshots and links
  • provide readable interesting content
  • be grammatically correct, line-edited, and error free because I use my own editor
  • be Seo optimized with keywords and shareable relevant images for search engines
  • a title and headlines formatted to promote and get the content open and read
  • Persuasive, informational, or motivational
  • have an effective Call-to-Action
  • be written in the voice of your philosophy and mission

The content I provide for you will never be:

  • Stuffed with keywords that make no sense or sound spammy
  • written to fulfill a word count
  • boring or tiring for your reader’s eyes to finish

The services I provide you will engage and build rapport with your clients and customers. It is now the time that you make the decision to click through and hire me to start getting the quality written material your website and clients deserve.


Besides great blog posts for your because you are serious about turning your readers into high paying clients I also provide:

  • Case Studies– are a super way to promote your business because it is a story, a testimonial, an interview that proves and promotes your product. A case study is the best case scenario proving that your product gets results. A Case Study is a well-thought out plan, it follows a procedure, and thus proves the point of your product being a successful and worthwhile investment. The format followed is the introduction of a person with a problem, an introduction of a product that will solve said, problem, and finally, the successful results achieved by implementing the product. Call or email for quotes.
  • Website Copy/Landing Pages-A landing page is implemented to cut through the clutter and noise of the internet.  My copy will answer the questions that plague your readers and instill the feeling that the page is speaking to them, personally.  A skillfully crafted landing page will persuade your reader that your product is exactly what she needs to solve their problems, needs or desires at that exact moment. Contact Johnny for all your web copy needs.
  • B2B B2C website audits-My site audits are thorough and detailed for WEB CONTENT only not technical issues. Each starts with a look a uniformity throughout the site. Does your website exemplify your mission, philosophy and vision statements with each different page? Consistency is key. Besides the basics such as Seo Optimization, Keyword Research, and readability also included are strength in the copy being used, images, mobile responsiveness and thirty other points on the checklist. Besides a copy of the checklist, a detailed report explaining changes that should be made is included with the proposal/agreement to begin work.  Contact for further details and pricing.

Other services that are presently available include:

  • Email Newsletters/Marketing-Let me help you keep that list of contacts you put together. My email marketing newsletter services help you build rapport stay engaged with the customer and most importantly keep the customer excited about clicking to open your email.
  • Social Media Marketing-I provides monthly web social media packages. As your digital web presence grows it is important to keep your community/customers informed about your company. What’s new or in the works. Who has joined your team, why, and what role the new team member will fulfill? Most importantly let your readers have a glimpse at your personal life, i.e, what are your hobbies, your goals, or how many dogs you have and why. Social media is exactly what it’s title states. Social so be social, be real, be human. If you cannot pull this off let me help contact me now.