I didn’t have a blogging system when I started blogging several years ago it was more or less brain dumping or stream of consciousness writing. This is how I have always written journal entries and I did not know any better. It didn’t take long for me to get bored with the blog so it was updated seldom. It would be more accurate to say that I updated whenever I felt like posting.

Blog post routine

It was a messy process to follow along with. I called myself a blogger and I always wondered why people didn’t comment or share my posts. I realized that my posts were still lacking quality and readability. Some of my older posts practically needed a decoder ring to figure out what the hell I was trying to say.

Ya know what?  I discovered that the above blog writing style doesn’t work. If I wanted to be taken seriously, I needed a blogging system.


Publishing a blog is work. If you want to be taken seriously you need to treat your blog like it is your business. Therefore, publishing a  

Everyone blogs for different reasons, but more or less, it is to engage readers to ideas or concepts that you (the publisher) feel are vital to success.

I am not talking monetary success. I mean success in a generic form of the word, for example great at something you love.

In blogging or marketing terms this would be referred to as a niche.

These blogs are passionate about helping their readers, freelance writers, succeed:


A blog is vital to a freelance writer. A writer’s blog is where skills are demonstrated. When a blog is written as a digital business card prospective clients do not need to wonder about the writer’s knowledge of:

  • Content marketing and strategy
  • Blog readability
  • Blog style and format

A freelance writer’s blog is his business card. If the blog is written to attract and interest in-bound clients it needs to be


  • Updated with new blog posts
  • Readable
  • Scanable
  • Error free
  • Cohesive
  • Relevant
  • Niche specific
  • Shared socially
  • Engaging


When I started blogging, I didn’t understand the power of a blog. I just wanted some quick and easy praise from readers. Hell, I published such trash my friends didn’t have the heart to tell me I sucked as a blogger. After months of reading about blogging I understood why the above list was important.

But it all seemed more like work to me. It wasn’t until I started to engage with other social media marketers and blogging wizards that I started to take my blog seriously.

I started reading and learning about the craft of blogging as a business. A new passion and seriousness about publishing content to my blog was necessary, if I wanted to use it as representation of my work. I knew I had to make changes, but my stubborn-ass self just wouldn’t accept it.

My 2nd Blog Writing Process caused more stress than the first, argh.

I tried to write posts like I did in the beginning but, with additional attention on format, links and SEO. The process was write some, edit and proof for a bit, format for awhile, and do some more writing and editing. Have a smoke, some push-ups, coffee, check email and then  search for images to engage readers. 

I would sit down to write a post and it would take 5 hours because this process sucked.  By the time I would publish I would need a drink and I don’t drink.  What a nightmare.

Writing posts in this manner quickly killed the fun I found in writing. I was losing focus and interest in freelancing. More importantly the book I was writing to help others break the chains of addiction was suffering because I had lost the heart to write.

Finally, I started to get serious, and I started stealing other great blog post formatting. Here are some of my favorite blogs that helped me with developing my creative vision:


I needed a format; a process or a system to make Year of the Johnny effective at helping others work past failure and doubt in their life. I really wanted to be considered a serious blogger and use my blog as a way to attract clients.  

Several months ago, I worked past my fear and forced myself to make contact with those above mentioned bloggers. I had subscribed to their blogs, and became a member of their communities, long before I introduced myself.

I was overwhelmed reading every blog on the internet about blogging, freelancing, and subscribing to join webinars I never finished watching. I was about to explode. When something strange happened. One of the many bloggers whose list I joined liked a post I wrote on LinkedIn, so I reached out. This was a big step for me and my freelance writing career.

Reaching out to Adam of Blogging Wizard is one of the best business building decisions I have made in 2017. LinkedIn has made it easy for me to reach out and connect with people to help shape me into a professional successful freelance copywriter.

Adam has made himself available; to answer questions, help eliminate self limiting beliefs, and point out accomplishments and great ideas. Acknowledgement from others plays a huge part in quieting my self-doubt and negative self talk.

I joined the Freelance Writer’s Den and actually started to use my membership. Carol Tice has been a great help. Her blog posts are so fun, informative and instructive. Not only did I get serious in my blogging I started to crack open courses I bought from AWAI eons ago. Yup, I had ‘bright shinny object syndrome.’ I started to take writing seriously. Watched Nick Usborne’s Web Content Optimization course several times and re-read Net Words

Slowly, I have learned a process to follow that helps me stay consistent and makes writing fun again.

My final blog posting process

  • Blog Calendar: First a 3 month advance schedule of blog posts. I start this process with working titles only.
  • Rough outlines with keywords to research: I do this a month in advance.
  • Research: During this phase I find relevant pictures, quotes, data and websites I want to link to.
  • Headlines and outlines: The outline is actually my H2 subheads with SEO Keyword worked into title and subheads.
  • Write the post: I write the post two days before the publish date. I then let it sit until the next morning. I edit it myself and proof one more time before sending to edit. Editing is a new part of the process. This step is important because choosing an editor who knows my voice and style is so helpful. It is hard for me to edit out words and big chunks of nonsense from my work, myself.
  • Proof and publish: The day the post is to go live I proof and publish. I cannot do all this on the publish date.

I have found that my new process has brought so much fun back to blogging for me. I am excited to sit down and write once again; without worry of quotes and links and grammar. It is almost like I have my stream of consciousness style back.

During the edit stage I make everything crisp and clean. Having a system is so important to my blogging process.

This process might also work for you. Try it out. At least take a break before your first proof read.

Your blog deserves some TLC!

Tim Ferris says:

“I value self-discipline, but creating systems that make it next to impossible to misbehave is more reliable than self-control.”

~Wrapping it Up~

Maybe you no longer have the time to keep updating your blog. You know it is important, but it no longer takes priority in your marketing agenda. it might not be the best tool to find clients, but it might be an essential tool  at keeping clients.

Need help  designing a blog calendar, writing your posts because you are overwhelmed. outsourcing is important and is a great step towards success.

Need help creating blog posts give a shout.