See your Productivity Soar to new Heights by Waking up and Rising with Sun.

As Productive as the Rising Sun

Getting up before the sun increases productivity. When you get up early and get a major task accomplished along with exercise, and time for meditation and reflection, how can your day suck? Getting more done while the rest of the world sleeps and hits snooze is a win in my book for any day!

There has been a lot of talk about remaining positive and energized so we don’t lose focus on our productivity.  Many people share similar patterns to jump-start their morning, but you are not everyone. Neither am I, so I had to create my own morning routine. Really all I did was tweak another’s program to fit my own stubborn-ass.


Sometimes it seems impossible to quiet the voice in your head enough to follow the tips of uber-productive folks, like Benjamin Hardy, Tony Robbins Jeff Bullas and the Blogging Wizard Adam Connell. These bloggers consistently publish content that is purposeful and useful to the blogging community. I used to tell myself because they have more time to do their job?


Is this really true?


Of Course, not. These men set up a system that works for them and made it a habit. They followed their system until it became a well-practiced routine.  


Are these men overachievers, real wizards, or have they just found a way that works, for them, to hack into a system?  We all have the same amount of time to complete what is best for us to complete.


We have heard the 21-day rule to develop a habit, but seriously; it can take less time, or more time, depending on the passion behind the habit.  

About routines and hacking into your system.  

“I don’t have enough time.” I’m sure most of us have at some point in time, even the most productive among us. It’s a self-limiting belief which stops us from being more productive. It’s not that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we need to find ways to do more with the time we have.   “

     ~Blogging Wizard Adam Connell


Consistency is the key to forming any habit ~Jeff Bullas


My top tip for having a successful blog is to create a system and checklist… a consistent result. With a system, you can give readers a pro experience, every time, and leave them clamoring for more..

~Carol Tice Make a Living Writing

In this post I’ll give you some pointers to follow to hopefully find the inspiration needed to beat the morning blues and negativity. I have allowed Benjamin Hardy access to my inbox and I am glad for subscribing to his list. My routine is a hybrid of many internet personalities. I share it with you in hopes that you will find something that helps you get the most out of your morning.

1. Wake early to beat the rush.

Most people try to wake early and immediately jump into a morning routine.  I tried this and it doesn’t work for me. I feel rushed and behind schedule all day. Yes, I do wake up at 4:30, but I enjoy a 15-20 minutes of silence. Map out my morning ritual, journal for 10 minutes, then. I  look at my calendar and prepare to “Eat that Frog.”


You can do this. Start slowly by taking away 15 minutes from your sleep. Break your snooze button too. I read something interesting lately about the 5 second rule. It works try it out.


Mel Robbins is amazing and she is getting results with here 5 second countdown to success. She says the first time she used it was to get out of bed when her alarm went off.  She counted down and like a rocket got out of bed.

2. Drink two full glasses of water. I do this to hydrate and get my body lubricated. It seemed like a lot at first but it is easy now. Refreshing.If you do this do it gradually. It is hard for dehydration to fool you into thinking you are hungry when you stay properly hydrated.

3. Give yourself a gift and express gratitude

While I am reviewing my journal and calendar water is boiling for my french press.

By the time my water boils, I am ready for my first reward. I make my coffee and enjoy 15 minutes of me time. I know what I have to move forward in getting my business off the ground, so now I sit quietly and reflect on gratitude.

Gratitude keeps me positive and gives me the energy to push through the tough parts of the day. On gratitude:

prodctivieyt and morning gifts

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around

~ Willie Nelson


4. Hard work.

It’s time to sweat. Sneakers strapped on and I’m out the door. The empty sidewalks and the early morning dew wake me up. I feel alive. With every step,  I get more energized and my creative mind starts firing. The exercise makes me positive and focused. My morning run is my time to commune with nature and a silent city. After about 15 or 20 minutes I move into the next part of my run and routine.

5. Motivational, productivity enhancing or instructional podcasts.  

After the first 2 miles of my run I start listening to a podcast or an Mp3 of a motivational speaker or “some sort of how-to”.  I used to just listen to music during my run every day but now I enjoy learning from others. I still jam out during long runs on Saturday and Sunday.


For writing inspiration and instruction. I’ve been listening to


For great motivational listening, I listen to Tony Robbins. He can make me feel like I can do anything. His youth like excitement and the energy in his voice is mesmerizing. If you’ve never listened to Tony Robbin’s speak, make that your goal today. Make tony become one of your gifts for the day.

To switch up inspirational/motivational messages and get the energy flowing, I download Ted Talks and other random podcasts I previously heard and enjoyed.

After my run, I do some HIIT (High-intensity interval training). Then I hydrate, again, and head to the shower.

6. Stretch and concentrate on my why.

After I shower I take a few minutes to stretch out my legs and back. I find this helps me to get my body ready to sit and write.

During my stretch I also concentrate on why I chose to do what I do. The real reason. My purpose. To find out why you are passionate about what you do you can follow and exercise. Find a person, like  your best friend or partner and start by having him ask you why you do what you do.  Answer sincerely and as accurately as possible. Next have him ask you why again  and again, up to about 7 times. Each time your answer will go deeper and deeper into your person until you finally peel away the last layers  hiding your true reason why you do what you do. The answer might surprise you. Do it today!

I first heard about this reading Dean Graziosi. If you are interested in learning more find out the why and the what that truly motivates you to act, Dean Graziosi has a great exercise.


If  my goal is to finish piecing together a blog post for the morning, stretching gets me ready to  sit/stand and work. It releases the last bits of tension in my body. I also have the energy to push through the next hour before  I have to leave for the office.

7. Use affirmations.

Next I fire up the computer and say my affirmations. I have moments of when self-limiting beliefs try to trip me up. When I start the morning in this particular way, the doubt doesn’t come. I begin with a few affirmations that I have wrote to help me start my work.  Steven Pressfield would say I was connecting with my muse. Maybe it’s true.


I learned this trick in Dean Graziosi’s book, Millionaire Success Habits, I believe Dean learned the trick from Tony Robbins. I have heard him speak of the power of affirmations too. Both of these men say affirmations before speaking at an event. They use the power of repetition and thought to produce the energy they need to serve others.


Affirmations help me remember why I wake up and early each day. I become filled with purpose. Write your own affirmations that are tailored to your work and your why.

8. Work on major productivity task to create a successful side-hustle

 By the time I sit at the PC I only have 45 minutes to work then I must leave for the day. I am still transitioning to full-time freelance writing from my position as a senior counselor at substance abuse program.

First I must brainstorm Ideas. It’s become a habit and my list of ideas has grown large. My idea muscle works on demand now. I don’t do it like James Altucher suggests because his way doesn’t work for me.

Once I again,  I improvised and made it work for me. I do this step for 10 minutes.

The Task to perform is chosen the night before so I am ready to dive in. I am ready because I have a night routine  that I follow. My night routine helps me make the best of my morning ritual.

I can do a number of activities  during this time. What matters is that I do something productive to push my business further.

I could do one of many things in this slot, I have been using this time to reach out to possible clients with warm email techniques. Reading and listening to Ed Gandia and Jordan Roeper has helped me in this process.

What I’m working on depends on my Calendar. I strictly follow my schedule because my blog is a service now. I no longer blog because I want to be known as a blogger.


Many of you can use this time to market yourself, prepare a list to cold call or warm email later in the day. Work on your blog. Write web copy or any small task to help ready your website to launch, reach out to readers, or market yourself to those you can help.


In an episode of Problogger Podcast  (PB 98) Darren Rowse discussed how he worked on his first Ebook in little 15 minute segments because he was busy.

but it all began with 15 minutes per day and doing the best I could… ~Darren Rowse


I’ve turned pro. As mentioned earlier, my purpose was not always defined nor genuine.


I wake my husband, tell him I love him, put a glass of water or smoothie on the bedside table. Before I leave I write a quick note put it on his lunch in the fridge and walk out the door.

9. Walk.

I walk a mile to the subway train each morning rain, sleet or snow. I could take a bus and make my trip quicker, but the walk helps me get my 15,000 steps/day. Most of the time I talk with a friend, during this walk. The morning talk is an exchange where we both help each other see things is a different perspective, offer our input, and hopefully make each other’s day more productive.

10. Read, Read and read some more to enhance your ideas, skills and productivity.

During my commute. I read. I use this time to study. I have several AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.) courses  uploaded to my Google Drive, so I immerse myself in learning how to write effective copy. I sometimes review and read award winning ad-copy or blog post articles I have sent to Pocket or Evernote.

11. I have coffee with a mentor/friend.

Each week I try to meet with a couple members of my network to catch up and talk about life. This helps me stay focused. I have also started to realize that these talks have helped me to see my accomplishments, my changes, and to vocalize them to another.


12. Take inventory of Goals to increase productivity.

 During the last leg of my train ride to the office, I will open Goals on Track. I review the steps and plans I’ve made. I note my accomplishments and areas where I am lacking. I focus on my goals, visualize my path and the end result of the hard work. I close the app and visualize the fruits of my accomplishments.


Talking kindly of myself and processing comments used to be difficult for me. By communicating with members from my support network, I am able to visualize where I need to, work harder in my life, be accountable for mistakes and shortcomings, and plan news strategies to work through complacency and struggle.

13. Be Consistent. 

I try my best to follow this routine every day. of course I do not commute to work on days off but I still get a walk in after I complete my major task that is laid out before I go to bed. On days off I try to do this before Eddie wakes up. Once completed, I walk, and make a phone call to a mentor or friend. During my walk I usually buy us breakfast or groceries to cook when I get home from my walk.

While an undergrad I minored in Philosophy and Kant was one of many philosophers i enjoyed studying. It is said that Germans are the epitome of punctuality, but Kant was the epitome of consistency. Germans could set their watches by how consistent he was to following the times allotted to begin his scheduled tasks. I believe that consistency  in routine is important when it comes to productivity and success.

Sharing breakfast  and cooking for my partner is fulfilling. It brings me joy


Knowing that I have accomplished so much before 9 AM, fills me with a greater sense of purpose. It leads to me having a great, productive day.This feeling of victory makes me feel alive and full of vigor.


I am motivated to work.  I feel accomplished with my Goals on Track and this resonates in my work. A productive morning routine has allowed me to make giant leaps in my productivity.


I continually try to add new positive habits and routines to my day. This helps me maintain structure in my life and stay focused.


Lately, I have noticed that if I eat small meals throughout the day I am:

  • more energized.
  • Less likely to fall asleep during the commute home.
  • And able to stay focused and work more on my freelance success when I get home.


These are all wins.


The thing that is most important, is to learn what works best for you. Try different changes and tweak them to fit your personality and needs. Remember, we are all different and what works for some might not necessarily work for me.


I know you have heard that you must hop on the band wagon and fake it until you make, if you want success. More often than not, faking it just burns you out, because in that case, you are not being genuine or sincere. Instead of jumping into a pool of freezing water because Tony Robbins does, maybe try to approach it in a way that will work for you from the start.


Having a routine that resonates with your personality, goals, and passion is vital to change. Structure and repetition is how habits are born.


Positive habits that push you harder towards your goals are vital to your success. Starting a positive morning routine begins by following a better nightly routine, Ha, but this is another post. Become part of the few who get more done in the morning while the rest of the world keeps hitting snooze!



Please comment and share this post to help others find value in a morning ritual.Of course this ritual won’t work exactly for you. You have to steal what works and what doesn’t leave. I have tried to become other people and jumped into business I had no right jumping into. Don’t make that mistake. Read and apply, test and test some more and then make changes that work for you. Become productive. Don’t hit snooze and then, wake up one day wondering where the time went.