John Makohen Freelance Content Writer

I’m a storyteller. I tell your brand’s unique story to engage and build relationships with your audience based on honesty, integrity, and concern for their success.  This is where the conversations that highlight your virtues begin.


Johnny here…

I’m a freelance content writer that’s passionate about using the language your readers use to start natural conversations about how your service can solve their problems.

I understand your audience’s language and aim to use it in my copy. Removing all the long drawn out tech-talk, marketing jargon, hype and salesy nonsensical, BS to meet your customers where they’re at without pressure or confusing them more is the goal.

I find using the power of words to create content marketing campaigns intriguing and exciting. Writing words that persuade others to take action and initiate the changes they need to succeed in life is my forte. I want to use that skill to help your addiction treatment programs grove and succeed. Being able to track and analyze how my content impacts your reader has become an obsession. An obsession that makes me work harder to get you results from the content I’m contracted to write.

Hire me, to write your brand’s compelling story. 


I write engaging web and landing page copy, blog posts, articles, or case studies and share on social media platforms to begin conversations about your brand’s journey.

You know your content needs to sharp, fresh, and dripping with quality. Content that’s value-rich builds trust, authority and keeps your readers coming back to find the solutions they need. 

Content illustrating your journey’s humanity, hurdles, and challenges, wins and loses authentically builds relationships within a community. Upon this platform, you’ll be present to offer assistance, valuable advice, and reach-out with your brand to demonstrate how your company dealt with adversity and challenge.

Your transparency builds trust and rapport that gently nudge readers into long-term clients and consumers.

Yes, you are correct it’s a big job, establish a presence on your webpage and social media platforms, constructing a content marketing strategy and purpose, writing the content and then sharing on social media. You’re right to feel a bit anxious at the moment. The problem is if you’re not doing this you’re not building the trust today’s consumer expects of the businesses they choose to help solve their problems.

I’ve got this. I can relieve your stress, so you can do your job without worry.

I’ve been blogging and writing for the web for 7 years. I understand how to maintain your companies blog and social media accounts confidently, so you can get back to performing the work you enjoy.

Let’s tell the story of your brand’s journey and build a connection to those you serve.


Working With Me

Conversational Copywriting

Your journey is essential to connect with your community. Building trust and rapport is valuable to business success. Defining your humanity with honesty, accountability, and even vulnerability allows you to speak fearlessly to your community. The days of hype and outlandish promises in marketing messages are gone. Today, consumers expect to feel a connection. Let me build these relationships with conversational copywriting.

Content Marketing Strategy

It’s apparent that writing down goals and plans to follow is the way to achieve success. If this is true, then you need to outline a content marketing strategy, so you are working towards the desired goal by consistently taking the correct steps daily. Analysis of actionable steps keeps you consistently tuning your content marketing, so it reaches the desired outcome. Success!

Blog Strategy, Calendar and posts

It has been said, “Blogging is not content marketing,” but companies still confuse this step.  Your blog is a useful tool for distributing the content you produce, to inform and advise, and to teach and explain, and to define your brand’s philosophy and mission.  Creating conversations within your blog platform will allow your community to feel a part of your journey. Establishing this connection is where your brand’s humanity is defined.

Creating quality and value with your marketing strategy is my aim, but I want to be confident that the content is needed. At times, consistency and quality outweigh the purpose the content provides. Before I begin writing my goal is to understand the exact nature and purpose the content I am asked to create will serve the purpose it’s intended to fulfill.

Weird, huh?

I’m a freelance content writer and should be thankful for the work offered to me, but I feel it’s in our best interests to align the content requested with content marketing strategy and the customers’ placement in your marketing funnel. These might seem like little nuances but over time paying for content that is not needed doesn’t serve your purpose nor mine.

A manifesto of sorts: Always provide the content needed for the proper placement in the funnel to the best of my ability

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