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John’s greatest strengths are his sensitivity to others, a commitment to social justice and a tremendous capacity to weigh many different opinions at the same time. John has a great combination of personal and professional experiences to draw from when accessing a project. Working with John is similar to working with an artist, you describe what you want, and he brings it to life. I highly recommend his work, and will continue to rely on his expertise.

Quintano Downes

Founder, 1742 MMI

I have been utilizing John’s consulting expertise for more than 8 years in my studio and freelance business. He is thorough and works tirelessly to get jobs completed in a timely manner. I know that I can contact him with my needs at any time, with immediate results. I would highly recommend him.

Jan Burke

Founder, The Neptune Studio

John is great. His innovation and creativity was a great asset to designing our website.

Maria Mendez

Exec.VP/COO , The PAC Program of New York

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Is your addiction blog getting results?

Has your Google ranking increased as a result of your blogging efforts?

Are you building an engaged audience for your addiction recovery treatment program?

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When your addiction SEO blog is written with purpose and strategy it will do all of this and more.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Organically rank for local keywords
I.E. Sober living in Brooklyn, NY

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Long-form Blog Content

Because long-form content of 1200 words or more is more meaningful to your readers it builds trust, engagement, and ranks higher in search engines

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SEO Meta Descriptions

Meaningful and engaging meta descriptions of 160 characters or less

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SEO Keyword Research

All addiction recovery SEO blog projects start with keyword research. Keyword research and proper use is vital to ranking higher in search engines

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Addiction SEO Blog Format

Proper formatting of your blog posts is essential to higher rankings.  When header (H1, H2, H3) tags are used properly SEO blogs posts are readable and optimized

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Ongoing Keyword Monitoring

Ongoing analysis of keyword rankings, backlinks, engagement, and individual blog post ranking.

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SEO Link Building

Backlinks are vital to search engine rankings. By publishing long-form quality content consistently it will create the opportunity for quality backlinks and increase your authority.

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Friendly conversational SEO blog copy

Conversational copywriting establishes rapport, without hype or clinical jargon. Using the language of your readers, builds brand reputation, influence, and ranks higher in search engines

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