Image of Golden gate bridge with fog rolling over it just like confusion when sending leads to homepages instead of stand alone drug rehab landing pages creates doom for your marketing.

Addiction Marketing: Drug Rehab Landing Pages Are a Vital Element To Increase Positive Results of Content Marketing Strategy.


Addiction doesn’t just affect the life of the one diagnosed with the substance abuse disorder. Family, friends, and employers all feel anxiety and worry.  When a person feels ill, confused or anxious he seeks to find a solution. The internet provides these answers, so he performs a search and clicks into your paid advertising campaign.

This next step is crucial. If he lands on your homepage that looks like it was written in 1990, with long blocks of tiny text, links to several pages, banner ads, and a contact form you will not see a positive result. Remember the person searching is anxious and worried. He wants an answer now and he doesn’t want to work for it.

A different scenario that is more appealing, less stressful, and highly focused on engaging the person to align himself with your message by providing him the answers he needs and the only possible move to make next. In this case, you didn’t add to his stress. You warmed up to the reader, offered him the answer he wanted and nudged him to your call to action.

In this post you’ll develop a better understanding of why you need to start using landing pages for positive content marketing results.

What is a drug rehab landing page and what does it do for your addiction marketing?

In the early days of the internet, you built a website, readers were directed to you, and you converted them into customers. Those days are gone. The internet is a busy place. It is estimated that there are now over 1 billion websites on the internet.  Your service needs the best marketing approach to find the right prospective readers and clients for you.


A Landing Page is a web-page that stands alone and persuades the reader to one specific action (or “CTA”/Call to Action).


As a Stand Alone drug rehab landing page, the page is not necessarily a part of your webpage. It has a distinct purpose and can be found through search engines, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, and email marketing, connected to a link that you have delivered through marketing content.


There are two distinct purposes of a landing page for SA Programs


  1. To gather contacts that you can market to in the future
  2. To convert readers into customers by nudging them to make contact –Pick Up the Phone and Call The Landing Page allows a reader to get only 1 marketing message. It is best to only have one CTA per landing page. Although I have had success with two CTAs on one Drug Rehab Landing Page, it is easier and less confusing for the visitor if you keep it to one. Landing Pages help to successfully collect leads and to allow readers move further into the marketing funnel.


    Why You need a drug rehab landing page as the door into your substance abuse programs marketing strategy.


    It’s understood that getting a person to enter treatment is difficult. There’s no reason to make the decision harder with a web-page full of information that doesn’t reach out to the potential client. When a person is searching for an SA Program they are not interested in reading superfluous web content. Usually, they are stressed, worried, and feeling guilty about losing control of substance use.

    As an intake counselor, I could see that the clients in front of me unable to stay focused while I shared vital information about treatment program.

    This is why your addiction marketing’s Landing Page is essential. It’s highly focused on one desired action and outcome.


    A Landing Page

    • Is specific
    • Gives the reader one Call to Action
    • Engages the reader
    • Focuses on the benefits to attend your SA program


    There are 6 Essential Elements to your substance abuse programs landing page.

    In this post I want to write to you about how you need to get your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) read, reinforced, and then acted upon.


    1. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


    A USP is the most influential element or benefits that you are presenting to a reader. This is the feature that makes you stand out as the best when compared to your competitors. It is important to brainstorm about this element and present it in a way that makes the reader know why your SA Program will benefit them.


    It may take some time for you to develop your USP, but the research and time spent will benefit your drug rehab landing page.


    Your USP will be used in several places within the SA Programs Landing Page


    2. The landing page headline


    Readers are only going to give you a few seconds to answer the question in their minds, “How will I benefit from your SA Program?” In the headline, you need to reinforce the path your reader took to your page (PPC-Adwords-Email marketing) and let them know how you will lead them to recovery. Be sure to match the message with the goal. The headline needs to be strong so it will let them know that they are in the right place.


    The headline needs to be short and sweet. It can only say so much before it loses its charm and ability to keep the reader engaged. It needs to show proof that your program is the best choice and entice the reader to want to know more.

     3. Your drug rehab landing pages’ subheading

    The sub-heading will support the message of the headline.  This will entice and propel. By reinforcing the headline message and bringing the reader to the ultimate Call to Action (CTA), “pick up the phone and call us now.”


    The supporting subhead can be executed in two ways:

    • A  headline conjoined with a supporting subhead sentence or line is referred to together as a “Hed/Dek”.  It’s the beginning of your argument immediately followed by the supporting statement.

    Example:  [Hed] Is Your Substance Use Out of Control?  [Dek] (Program Name)’s Gender-Specific Treatment for Women Removes the Barriers from Engaging into Treatment so you can Focus on A New Path to Recovery.


    • The second way the subheading can be used is by supporting the main message with a new encouraging persuasive message. A message that can stand alone.


    Example: (Programs Name)  Women’s Gender-Specific Treatment Program Removes Obstacles from entering Treatment and Makes your Path to A Drug-Free Life Easier. And; Our Culturally Conscious, Gender-Specific Trained, Clinicians will Help Overcome Fears as You Reach Highs Drug-Free Highs in Recovery.


    It’s vital that those reading your page grasp your USP in the first few seconds after
    touching down on your  SA Program’s Landing Page-  need help get in touch. Substance Abuse Landing Page Specials in January 2018.


    4. Reinforcing Statements strategically placed on your substance abuse programs landing page

    A reinforcing statement should be used in several places on your drug rehab Landing Page so it can continue to underscore your message to those readers who are just scanning your page. It is important to place a reinforcing statement halfway down your page. Keep the reader informed about your USP and how the reader will benefit from your SA Program.


    Reinforce with benefits

    Benefits are not product descriptions or features and benefits for your drug rehab landing pages support your headline and subhead. In other words-

    • How are you treating addiction differently than the other 12 programs in your town?
    • What are the different coping mechanisms are you going to train patients in your program to use to avoid relapse
    • The benefits of your program’s patient-centered gender-specific program or offer treatment for dually diagnosed, or… You get the idea, right? If not leave a comment and I’ll explain further.  


    Testimonials are reinforcing statements

    Are needed to reinforce the benefits you list on your substance abuse treatment programs landing page. Testimonials bring the element of social proof to your landing page. When you add testimonials to your landing page try to get permission to use the speakers face.  Draw a line of sight from the speaker’s eyes to her words. Make it personal and professional.

    Testimonials from previous substance abuse programs patients whose

    • changed their life because of your program
    • feel you saved their loved one’s life
    • started the process of healing a family.


    Testimonial from substance abuse industry professionals that

    • resonate with your message
    • have worked with or your program, or
    • Relies on your business to business services


    5. Closing Argument (before the final Call to Action)


    This is where you will close the deal and get the reader to follow through with your call to action. Your closing should, of course, be focused on that benefit which you have been presenting to the reader with your PPC Advertisement.  Really take your time here and reinforce your USP so it is clear to the readers that you are the SA Program that they need to attend or that their loved one will benefit the most from.  

    The Final Call to Action (CTA)Lastly, your substance abuse program landing page needs to have that final CTA. What do you want the reader to do? What is the single action this page has been about? There are many CTA’s that you can use on your landing page but most center around-

  3. Picking Up the Phone and Making A Confidential Call to an Intake Counselor.


    6. The Final Call to Action (CTA)

    Lastly, your drug rehab landing page needs to have that final CTA. What do you want the reader to do? What is the single action this page has been about? There are many CTA’s that you can use on your landing page but most center around-Picking Up the Phone and Making A Confidential Call to an Intake Counselor.




    It is crucial to remember the importance of your drug rehab landing page.  Be certain that the USP you are presenting is your most significant benefit to the reader. When a client is searching for a treatment facility they are not worried about how many bells or whistles go off on the page. They are hoping to have their worry and anxiety set at ease. If done correctly, your USP will satisfy that need.


    Present your USP in the headline and continue in the subhead or supporting the headline. For long-form landing pages, be sure to reinforce the USP several times.  Then nail it down in your closing argument and CTA.

    If you have any questions or concerns about how I can help you find your SA Programs USP leave a comment below.  

    To make your landing page easier to design download the SA Program Landing Page Checklist and Cheatsheet.

    Drug Rehab Landing Page Essential Key Takeaways

    1. USP- how do you do it differently than the competition
    2. Headline- Is your headline specific, intriguing, and to the point
    3. Sub-head-Are you reinforcing that headline for optimal performance
    4. Reinforcing your Statement with benefits and testimonial


    If you are interested in implementing drug rehab landing pages that are aligned with your PPC campaigns and just don’t have the time to write the copy and design the page Get in Touch- Let me take care of your digital marketing and building your content marketing while you continue to save lives.


    This is where you will close the deal and get the reader to follow through with your call to action. Your closing should, of course, be focused on that benefit which you have been presenting to the reader with your PPC Advertisement, blog cta, or button on SEO product or services page.


    Take your time here and reinforce your USP. Your USP has to be clear to your readers that you are the substance use treatment Program that they or a loved one should attend and will provide the personal care needed.


Ready to start implementing stand alone drug rehab landing pages to align with your program or recovery coaching services