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Communicate. Engage. Convert.

Why your marketing benefits from a freelance conversational copywriter.

A conversational copywriter uses friendly, natural language progression and storytelling to meet your reader wherever they are at, and within their readiness to change.

• Creates compelling marketing messages which add quality to the conversations already happening online.
• Injects storytelling, case studies, and imagery to establish rapport
• Marketing speaks to the reader, not at them – No shouting or grandstanding.
• Language is natural, persuasive, and friendly – No hype or intellectualized jargon
• Not manipulative, unethical, nor does it bully
• Transparent

Pop art image of a copywriter Defining what a freelance conversational copywriter in NYC does

Ready to start conversations to
communicate, engage, and convert leads?

Freelance conversational copywriter in NYC starts with communicating your brands value

1. Communicate Your Brand’s Core Value Statement

The first goal of your website, landing page, and digital content is to communicate your brand’s value statement.  Some marketers prefer to call your value statement a Unique Seller’s Proposition (USP).  Once your USP is written it will become the backbone of all your marketing messages.

Writing your brand’s USP is a specialty of mine. Hell, it should be a specialized skill of any freelance conversational copywriter. It is as important as the headline is to a blog post.

Your core value statement will communicate what your brand offers and who you do it for within the first 5 seconds of a reader landing on any page of your website.


2. Engage and build meaningful connections

Take a second and think about who your website is focussed on now. Is it centered on your customers or your business? The primary goal of copywriting is to build a connection between your core value statement and the benefits of using your brand’s products and services.

Once we have created your value statement, we have to engage and connect with your customers by illustrating the benefits of using your products and services. Content that speaks to the pain and worry that keeps them up at night.

We will position your brand as the solution to removing key pain points blocking your readers from meeting and exceeding their goals.

Our goal is never to disrupt the conversation but to join in the discussions already happening online in tangible ways.



Freelance conversational copywriter in NYC connects your customers to your brands core value statement by highlighting benefits
Freelance conversational copywriter in NYC Split testing to increase revenue

3. Track & A/B Test to Increase Revenue

Once you are getting results through building meaningful connections with your audience with your effective core value statement your revenue will increase.

However, it is best to test and tweak headlines, bullet points, images, language, and your Calls-to-Action statements (CTA) to evolve your website copy with the constantly changing digital landscape. 

Your website and landing page copywriting includes A/B split testing so you can test, track, and analyze the best combinations of copy and design, to build an engaged audience, and convert more leads for increased revenue.

Stop wasting time and money.
The longer you wait to invest in freelance conversational copywriting, the more money you leave on the table.

As a small Art Studio and Gallery business owner, I have been utilizing John’s consulting and copywriting expertise for more than 8 years.  He is thorough and works tirelessly to create and design the copy I need to promote gallery openings and training.  John completes his work promptly, and I love his unlimited revisions. I know that I can contact John with my copywriting jobs cross the task off my list and move on without worry or concern. I recommend him. He is a solid, dependable, and dedicated copywriter.

Jan Burke

Founder, The Neptune Studio

My Conversational  Copywriting Process

Three Circle Venn Diagram outlines john makohen freelance copywriter discovery process

1. Discovery Call and Content Questionaire

Before we begin, I will review your website, your competition, and research SEO keywords. Every great copywriting job starts with research. 

While I am doing this, you will download, complete, and return my content questionnaire. I’ll review your responses and set up a discovery call with you. 

During the call, we will decide whether we are a good fit for each other,  your goals, and the starting point for your project. My average turn around time is 3-4 weeks depending upon the size of your conversational copywriting project. 

I charge $1500 for small websites and landing pages. Larger multi-page websites start at $3,000-4500, and up for conversational copywriting which includes, meta descriptions, SEO optimized for content and images, and A/B split testing. I require a starting fee of 1/2 down and balance due upon completion of your project. 


2. Core Value Statement or USP

During our discovery call, we will brainstorm on your core message. In the copywriting questionnaire, you downloaded you will write several value statements on your own. A core value statement a string of words, jargon, and B.S for what you think matters to your customer. Your USP is a statement that rolls up who your brand is, what you stand for, and what your customers can expect you to deliver time and time again. It is the heart and soul of your brand. 



Venn Diagram template to help write a USP which is part to of my freelance conversational copywriting process
Image of John Makohen freelance conversational copywriter working on outline for first draft of copywriting project

 3. First Draft Submission

Once my research is complete, and we have agreed on the best version of your Core Value Statement, I will write your website or landing page copy. I will deliver the first draft for review within the time frame you and I have agreed upon.

First draft submissions include – 
Website content, SEO optimization for proper keywords and phrases, SEO optimized images and screenshots, meta descriptions, 5 headlines, correct usage of Hi H2 and H3 tags, and inbound and outbound links.

Please keep in mind it takes me 3-4 weeks to finish a 4-page website assignment and I am usually booked 3-8 weeks in advance. Larger projects and my special offers take more time.

4. Unlimited Revisions

After the first draft is submitted,  you can publish it to your website. I can do this for you, or your website technician can upload. Read copy out loud for accuracy and proper language. Analyze A/B test results and submit changes. 

*Important –  Unlimited revisions do not mean changes to the scope of work listed in our contract. Revisions are to first draft and final drafts only and do not include: add-ons to the project, changes to contract description, or new page add-ons. 

My goal is to write copy that converts, establish meaningful connections, and increases your revenue.  I take great pride in my work, and I will speak my mind when I feel changes might be detrimental to our bottom line — building relationships with your audience for long-term sales of products and services.

John Makohen Freelance conversational copywriiting projects include unlimited revisions as long as the scope of work has not changed.

I’ve known John for several years, but only recently had the opportunity to work with him. He wrote a series of promotional emails for me. John writes in a way that feels natural, inclusive and engaging. Just what I was looking for. Better still, the conversation rate he achieved with those emails was way higher than I had anticipated. His copy delivers big time! One more thing… and as someone who works with freelancers, this is huge for me… John is easy to work with. He leaves his ego at home, listens carefully and delivers on time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Nick Usborne, CEO @ Conversational Copywriting

Johnny is astute and innovative. His dual knowledge of the industry and content marketing has put The lighthouse on page one of Google’s 1st page for several of our keywords. He always takes the extra step when developing and delivering top-rate content.

Trey Laird, CEO @ The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for a while now. Great communication & always goes above and beyond what’s expected. John’s work is well thought-out and the standard of writing is excellent.

Adam Connell, CEO @ Blogging Wizard/Funnel Overload

Freelance conversational copywriter in NYC Brands I have worked with
Image Icon for SEO Blog articles- Conversational copywriting uses SEO blogging  to build trust with your audience about your products or services

Blog Articles

SEO Blogging and conversational copywriting go hand-in-hand -mano-y-mano!  
Because your blog is the arena where you can help guide your audience through the buyer’s journey.  When you publish articles in the language of your readers you build trust, meet them where they are at, establish connections, solve problems, erase doubt, and position your product or service as the solution. 

Featured Blog Articles

Image icon of 5 star product reviews - Conversational copywriting uses product reviews with SEO in mind to help your products be found and illustrate the benefits to your readers.

Product Reviews

Conversational copywriting is useful for useful product reviews because you are speaking the language of the reader.

Your customers care less about features than product benefits. A great product review shows your buyer how your product is going to improve their life. Don’t get me wrong features are important. You worked hard to make sure each one serves a purpose, but the benefits of the features sell your product.

Featured Product Reviews

Image icon depicting Information Architecture - Conversational copywriting uses proper schema and site design to show  your readers how to navigate your website seamlessly.

Info Architecture

Information architecture is the design and organization of your website. Designing your website with the user’s experience in mind creates a navigatable site structure and an information highway. When your web page delivers content with easy navigation and site structure, your readers will move through the buyer’s journey effortlessly.

Information architecture and SEO combine with matching the customer’s journey with your call-to-action,  whether your CTA is to acquire email addresses, make sales, or get people to call your business. If your site isn’t organized and easily navigated, it will fail.


An image icon for content strategy  is shown here because Conversational copywriting always starts with a plan to desing and deliver the best digital content marketing ava campaigns.

Content STrategy

When you’re compelled to take action at the end of a sales page, the copywriter has done a great job. After all, it is the purpose of copywriting – engage and convert. When you are engaged and captivated by a brand’s story, the copywriter has earned your trust and connected you with the brand at some level.

As a conversational copywriter, your content strategy is crucial to success because I am not only concerned about the sale. I want to establish meaningful connections, create brand ambassadors, and advocates for your brand.  Your content strategy provides purpose, vision, and direction, so all digital communications align with your business needs and goals.  I blend copywriting skills, research, user experience, and SEO to align your content marketing goals with your audience’s desires, needs, and wants.

Image icon for SEO Strategy - Conversational copywriting uses proper SEO strategies to seamlessly connect your readers with your products or services.

SEO Strategy & Product pages

Product page SEO is increasingly challenging to get right. It is not impossible, and when you research the language and intent of your audience, your SEO Product Pages will convert.

SEO Product Pages serve two purposes 1) to engage buyers with your creative products or services.
2) to give Google enough semantically relevant content to rank you on Page #1.
A conversational copywriter dives deep into audience research so he can understand the language familiar to your audience, speak to them where they are at, and cater to their personal needs by creating more impactful (and SEO optimized) product description pages.

Image Icon for creative copywriting shows a lightbulb to depict how Conversational copywriting

Creative CopyWriting

A conversational copywriter writes to your customers, not at them. We don’t shout from a soapbox, misuse rules of persuasion, or tricks or schemes to make a sale. Instead, we engage your readers into a conversation as if we were seated together, sharing a pot of tea.

I inject your copy with the language your readers use, join into conversations, and meet your readers where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Selling your products or services with relatable stories is only one way I connect, establish, and convert meaningful relationships with readers.

The Conversational Copywriters Manifesto

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.


  I write the clinical jargon and technical bullshit out of your marketing messages, so your     
  readers desire to establish meaningful connections with your brand’s product and services.