B2B Content Marketing

Q: Are you publishing timely relevant B2B Content?

Do you have and follow an outlined, definitive strategy?

Do you need to ask WHY you’re not seeing positive ROI?

A: Great copy and proper analysis can get you positive results. Conversational copy speaks to the consumer at the precise time and place in your marketing funnel.

I will get you results.

B2B Conversational Content Marketing

Are you having the proper conversations with your readers at the proper time? Have you ever wondered why a specific piece of content didn’t produce the results you expected? The content was valuable and provided your consumer with actionable advice, but it didn’t gently lead him through your funnel. Why?

B2B Content marketing isn’t just publishing, consistent content designed specifically to give value to your audience. B2B content marketing is all of that and more. An important piece of information needed to gently nudge your reader from curiously browsing to paying satisfied customer is understanding where she is in your marketing funnel. It is vital that your content marketing strategy outlines the pieces of content needed for each stage of your buyer’s journey.

You’ll never guess again about whether a piece of content will work as planned once you’ve hit publish.

When working with creating a B2B content marketing strategy and following the plan you’ll always know that you’re paying for a specific piece of content designed for your readers along the path you’ve created.


B2B Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

The best way to start this process is by a clearly defined goal. Let’s have a conversation and develop a content marketing strategy that resonates with the desired outcome of your digital content marketing goals. Outline keywords, safe SEO and link building practices, and define your buyers journey so we can publish timely pieces of content that engage and consistently build awareness each step of the way.

John makohen B2B marketing solutions Webcopy

Website Copy & Content; Web-Audits

Your digital home needs to be constructed firmly.  Consumers will find answers to most questions and challenges through researching and comparing company products’ websites. Your web-copy needs to outline your benefits through transparent purposeful writing prooving authenticity, humanity, and client-centered experiences.

Case Studies

There is no better way to tell your company’s story. Case studies highlight the user’s experience and achieved answers with your product. Highlight experience through detailed testimonials outlining how problems were solved for users. Describe the unique benefits of your product with B2B Marketing Case Studies.

John Makohen b2b mareting blog posts and articles

Blog Posts & Articles

Your company blog needs to be consistent land purposeful. As a tool in B2B content marketing strategy your blog is the link to other pieces of content. Your blog needs to provide useful information, instuction on how your products are used, and allign yourself with easing their specific pain. Blogging from this position builds rapport and illustrates the benefits you provide.

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to build your tribe of advocates, and authority as an industry leader.  Your presence on social media platforms allows you to build rapport, answer questions about how your product will benefit the user.

John Makoehoehn B2b content marketing Newsletters

Email Newsletters

In-house or outbound newsletters keep your company fresh on person minds. When a B2B  Newsletter is published consistently with valuable information, presented professionally, allows you to build rapport with your team and consumers. Transparency in email newsletters keeps your consumer informed, by educating about new policy or services, introducing new talent and fresh ideas to those interested, and illustrates company wins and loses.  If you feel your newsletter is not producing results let me help you create a better strategy.

john makohen b2b content marketing landing page desings

Landing Pages

Landing pages are your B2B content marketing solution. Studies have show that 50% of your web traffic is not your ideal customer and most likely will never buy. Website traffic is vital. Landing pages allow you to speak to consumers that fit perfectly in your marketing funnel. and generate leads. In B2B content marketing landing pages are the tool that delivers the content that highlights benefits as the consumer is guided through early stages of curiosity to satisfied repeat customer and advocate.

John makohen B2B contnet marketing white papers

White Papers

Proper placement of whitepapers inside your B2B content marketing strategy instructs and informs the consumer about your product, your brand and how you can step up to meet needs and challenges. When properly crafted a white paper will lead your prospect through the funnel with sound advice illustrating your brand’s empathy and understanding.

john makohen B2B Marketing email marketing

Email Marketing

If your list does not look forward to your emails then your Email marketing campaigns are failing. Your email campaigns need to be vibrant and fresh bringing joy to your readers through sound advice or problems solving. questions, and outlining the benefits your product provides. Build trust and rapport with your B2B email marketing practices by creating value not hammering out new sales messages. Let me help you get your B2B email marketing purposeful and your next message craved to be opened.

John Makohen b2b content marketing Lead generation

Lead Generation

Building your email list is how your company is able to deliver its message to those who resonate with your company’s philosophy.  Your lead generation needs to provide value. Content upgrades, infographics, white papers, Pdf’s of articles or blog posts are ways fo providing value to your reader in exchange for their trusted email address. A great rule to follow is to be certain that your free lead generation material is equal to if not greater in value and purpose than the products you sell.

john makohen conversational b2b copy

Long-form Copy

Let’s face great copy is what sells your product. It’s important to understand your buyer, so you can speak honestly about their needs and desires. Knowing how to outline benefits without sounding desperate and aggressive. I will create transparent conversations with your consumer that inspire the desire to work with you and reinforce with authentic testimonies of others successes.

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