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Addiction Recovery SEO Blog Strategy and Writing Service

Do you want more organic search engine traffic coming to your website? 

The fastest way to do this is thru a solid strategy, keyword research, and quality long-form blog content.

Addiction recovery SEO blog posts rarely make the desired impact on the target audience.  Without a proper strategy, keyword (sort and longtail) research and writing that resonates with your target audinece you’re doomed to fail.

The first page I search for when looking at drug rehab, mental health service provider, or recovery coach website is for the addiction recovery SEO blog.


Because your addiction recovery blog is a key element to any digital marketing content strategy.

Your addiction blog is responsible for you reaching page #1 of Google and other search engines.

Not only does your recovery blog help to move you up the ranks in Google, but when written with a conversational friendly tone you will build rapport with your target audience. Your readers will want to learn how to get to know, like, and trust you.

Stop Wasting Money on Adwords PPC and Legit Script
Start ranking on Page #1 of Google Instead with
  Addiction Recovery SEO Blog content.

Image of a frustrated CEO because his Adspend is bringing in a return on investment like his addiction recovery SEO blog marketing

With Proper SEO Your Addiction Recovery Blog Will Have A Better Return Than PPC Marketing 

Addiction Recovery keywords are competitive. Bidding for keywords for Google AdWords is expensive, costly, and ineffective. Not to mention you have to pay Legit Script before you even get started. 

Can you compete with the drug rehabs spending $300,000 – $500,000.00 a month on Google Adwords?  If yes, Why would you want too?

If you can’t compete and believe spending $2,000 – $5,000.00 is going to pay off think again. You will get some calls, but do you want to gamble your money on a low number of poor quality calls converting?

Probably not.

When you take the time and research the keywords you want to rank for and use them continually within new blog posts once or several times a week you will rank higher in Google. However, you have to write strategic, high-quality blog posts that speak to your readers needs and desires and eases their pain, worry, and fear.

Addiction Recovery SEO Blog Strategy and Writing Service

Your addiction recovery SEO blog has to deliver quality content that is relevant to your readers. SEO takes time, but with proper use of your addiction recovery blog, you can be well on your way to reaching page #1 of Google in as little as 6 months. When done properly many of your blog posts can reach the first position on Google’s first page several weeks after publication. However, you need to have a blog and publish consistently and properly. Unfortunately, many addiction recovery service providers fail to use their blog properly. When I find drug rehabs, mental health services, or recovery coaching websites with addiction recovery blog, I notice many common mistakes.

Common mistakes are costing you readers, shares, likes, and comments.

The mistakes made most often include

  • Writing is all about me, me, me
  • Improper use of heading tags
  • Failure to do keyword research and use keywords properly
  • Failing to capture the language of your reader
  • Writing abstracts filled with clinical jargon, and hype
  • Not being transparent, honest, and truthful
  • Poor image quality, improper use of image Alt tags
  • Failing to use a meaningful meta description of 160 characters or less
  • Writing a blog post for the sake of publishing content
  • Internal and external links to useful quality content

My addiction blog writing service provides you with quality, long-form(1200 wds+) content.

Your SEO keywords will be used correctly and optimized with Yoast SEO.

Posts will be revised to meet yours or someone from your team approval.

Addiction recovery blog posts also include correct meta description, proper use of H1, H2, H3 tags,  images with alt tags, and a blog header featured image.


Addiction Recovery SEO Blog Services

SEO Icon for local search engine optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Organically rank for local keywords
I.E. Sober living in Brooklyn, NY

Icon for long form addiction recovery SEO blog content

Long-form Blog Content

Because long-form content of 1200 words or more is more meaningful to your readers it builds trust, engagement, and ranks higher in search engines

Image icon for SEO SEO Meta Descriptions

SEO Meta Descriptions

Meaningful and engaging meta descriptions of 160 characters or less

Image icon for SEO keyword research

SEO Keyword Research

All addiction recovery SEO blog projects start with keyword research. Keyword research and proper use is vital to ranking higher in search engines

icon illustrating  the world  and the web engaging with your properly formatted addiction recovery SEO blog

Addiction SEO Blog Format

Proper formatting of your blog posts is essential to higher rankings.  When header (H1, H2, H3) tags are used properly SEO blogs posts are readable and optimized

icon for continued seo monitoring of addiction recovery SEO blog posts and web rankings

Ongoing Keyword Monitoring

Ongoing analysis of keyword rankings, backlinks, engagement, and individual blog post ranking.

icon for SEO link building

SEO Link Building

Backlinks are vital to search engine rankings. By publishing long-form quality content consistently it will create the opportunity for quality backlinks and increase your authority.

Image icon for engagement and conversations because SEO friendly blog copy will build trust and rapport with your readers

Friendly conversational SEO blog copy

Conversational copywriting establishes rapport, without hype or clinical jargon. Using the language of your readers, builds brand reputation, influence, and ranks higher in search engines

Image of a man engaged with your addiction recovery blog cog content

Addiction Recovery SEO Blog Strategy & Writing Service

Are you ready to have your blog drive your digital content marketing, establish rapport with your audience, build trust, and save more lives?

Let’s chat about getting your addiction recovery services front and top of
Page #1 of Google.