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You tried everything to get those in need of your addiction recovery services to your website but still, you aren’t filling beds and saving lives.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You focus on converting the leads you have but you need to generate more.

You’re trying to grow your program’s census. You know your program has been successful in treating those suffering from severe opioid use disorders, but still… no calls are coming in.


You need to take lead generation more seriously. If you are letting people leave your site without collecting an email address you are potentially losing your chance to address a new patient and clients readiness to change. You failed them.


If you are letting those in need of your addiction recovery services come to your site without attempting to collect an email address your digital marketing is failing. It’s a bit harder to collect email addresses today than it was several years ago, but you can get an email address in exchange for a useful guide, ebook, or infographic. Once you start growing your email marketing list you can nurture these new leads with email.



3 Ways An Addiction Recovery Lead Generation Campaign Will Increase Your Addiction Recovery Digital Marketing Results


1 – Nurture relationships with leads, diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD)



One desired goal of addiction recovery lead generation is to put your brand in front of your target audience. Once you’ve collected the email addresses of leads from your community, you can start to nurture a relationship with those individuals. They will then learn to know you, like you and trust your treatment facility. Positive returns result from consistent action. Successful lead generation campaigns stick to a regular publishing schedule.


Writing purposeful content to keep your audience engaged with your marketing messages is key to building trust.


The outcome of lead nurturing is empowering the target individual to pick up the phone and call. You build trust with your leads by staying consistent with your marketing efforts. Help dissolve barriers to treatment, each lead faces throughout your marketing messages.


It’s vital to split your content marketing team’s strategy from your sales team’s strategy. Sales are about selling, while lead generation (marketing) is about providing information and nurturing relationships. With prospects. Successful lead generation campaigns directly work with your sales and admissions officers to define the specific audience to target.


Lead generation specialists are focused upon empowering qualified prospects into brand advocates.


2 – Establish rapport with other addiction professionals to increase leads via referral


Strengthen your professional referral network. Generating new leads from the professional sector of your audience.


Publishing content to highlight your drug rehab or recovery coaching service’s value and empathy creates awareness, influence, and authority within your referral network. The more often you produce and publish quality, timely, and useful information the more trust you build for your substance use treatment program.


Take a moment and think about your internal referral network.


Your clinicians refer patients in need of recovery resources unavailable at your inpatient or outpatient facility to other programs within the community:


  • LMHC’s
  • Psychologists
  • Primary doctors
  • Career training centers


You send patients to outside referral networks that you have come to know like and trust, right?


For example, you have a patient diagnosed with a condition which is connected to their drug use, such as Hep C, HIV or AIDS you might need to connect them with a reliable clinic offering the treatment they need.


You have to find a clinic to refer your patients to. In most cases, your team has developed a list of quality clinics for outside community resources based upon:


Rapport – You have established with other programs through conversations and results


Trust –  You trust the program will act professionally and treat each new referral with respect.


Reciprocity – Your drug rehab and the outside referral source refer patients to one another because of the trust and rapport established.


Once it is determined that your patient would benefit from outside services you help the client fill out the referral form and make the call with community resources.


Addiction recovery lead generation helps you build professional relationships


Help your client navigate these areas that are at first, unknown to them.


Through lead generation, professional relationships are nurtured and established.  Within this new relationship, you better serve your patients needs to obtain services needed to sustain recovery.


If connections were not established previously, the process might not be so effortless. You might feel unsure of random decisions to send your patient to an unknown facility for treatment.


Lead generation helps you know, like, trust, and connect with other community professionals to connect your clients with.


3 – Educate, inform, build brand awareness and influence for your addiction recovery lead generation marketing campaign.


Lead Nurturing is when your aim is to help strengthen the quality of your relationship with your audience.


Once you’ve moved through the funnel from lead generation to lead nurturing your ability to serve your audience increases.


This is your chance to create lasting relationships. Don’t worry about giving away to much information. When your content is relevant and purposeful to lead generation efforts, it’s welcomed. The more information you give way, the less persuasive your marketing message will have to be.


Your drug rehab lead generation process-enables you to leverage experience strength and hope. Interacting with new leads is critical. Stay on their radar, be available to answer questions, and communicate in ways which are enjoyable. Strengthen the bond and gather relevant data to help you serve your audience.


Build brand awareness, support, and strength from a lead generation marketing campaign


Be mindful of how each campaign can complement the other. Content is interchangeable. Take into consideration how each piece of content establishes brand awareness and influence and nurtures an existing leads bond.


Addiction recovery lead generation and your drug rehab marketing


How are you using lead generation for your addiction recovery marketing?


Substance USe treatment lead generation has many different paths to create a strategy to help your target audience engage with your treatment program. 


Content marketing for addiction lead generation has many parts. This article outlines a general framework for lead generation for your substance abuse treatment program.


When creating a strategy for lead generation keep in mind the more quality and value you give to your reader, the more trust you build.  Information, empathy, and a thorough understanding of the targets you are marketing to are essential elements of a successful lead generation campaign.


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