Addiction treatment is highly competitive. Addiction treatment’s big money. Some of these giants in the industry are sub-par. One company out of Tennessee made over $418 million in 2016. These substance abuse programs don’t hold back regarding marketing so neither should you.

It’s not easy to say whether these centers are ethical or even follow safe practices for client care but there is one thing for sure. This programs understand marketings and cause more competition for the keywords your addiction treatment center needs to target and rank higher on search engines.

Google took a step last year stopping PPC advertisements for substance abuse treatment as a way to halt fraudulent programs from poorly treating those needing care, but we all know this isn’t enough.

Image of people in a cafe with all the reasons your drug rehab and recovery coaching services needs an addiction recovery blog painted on the wall.

Here are 3 reasons why your Substance abuse marketing needs a recovery blog

1. Build rapport with your community-

The more your facility posts to its blog the more it’s seen as an authority in the community. Blogging isn’t about grandstanding your treatment program it’s more about service. Think of your recovery blog as a weekly or daily meeting. Educate, inform and solve your reader’s challenges. Relieve stress and be present to answer the unique questions each program has.


The image reads about us because your addiction recovery blog lets your readers learn to know, like, and trust you.

2.Illustrate your humanity

Your recovery blog is the place where you can speak to your readers. Remember many are experiencing anxiety and worry. Use words they’ll understand and be able to digest. Don’t write your posts to impress your colleagues or competition. Write blog posts from a place of care, ‘ya’ know, a little more human.’ Don’t come off like a robot or some hot shot scholar.

Learn to write like you talk so you can connect with your readers. Some robot. You’re no longer writing for your ethics philosophy class. Your writing to real humans with a significant fear of anxiety and woe.

Maybe you read Kant to relax but when someone is white knuckling it’s pretty damn hard to stay focused.
When you write from a place that is kind and caring, naturally, you will build the trust of your community.

Image of the word content with SEO going thru it to describe how your addiction recovery blog drives your SEO and search engine metrics

3. Organic search is vital to your addiction treatment center.

SEO is the rave and every one that everyone is talking about. But what is it?

Search Engine Optimization- Being found on the first pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can be sure that those programs referred to earlier are spending big money for PPC advertisements on Yahoo and Bing, so start optimizing your site so you can begin to ranking higher.

There are many ways to do SEO, but this post is discussing ranking higher by using keywords in your blog posts. The more a search engine finds specific keywords, the higher you’ll rank in the search findings.  Use key terms like “NYC substance abuse content writer” or “NYC Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP)”

Use keywords in your recovery blog & rank higher in organic search.

As stated addiction treatment is highly competitive, It makes sense that the keywords needed to rank high in search engines be competitive also. The more you blog, the more you’ll rank for these keywords.

Many readers find your site through your blog, not your homepage. So you should regularly be blogging to get those readers to your site.

Google gives credit to sites that update frequently. Blogging is a sure way to help Google rank your page higher. Blog regularly with purposeful posts that assist your readers in finding the answers they need.


Your program needs a recovery blog that’s published to consistently. When you’re present on your blog, you build rapport with your readers. Building the relationships, you need online will increase your leads and authority in the filed. Be seen as a program that cares about its community. Lastly, Google will rank your site higher when its update regularly.

If you don’t have the time to create a proper recovery blog outsource your blog posts from a freelance writer.

Don’t let your lack of time to produce quality blogs become an obstacle in a critical content marketing tool.

In need of a writer to get your blog back on track?